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The PM7 ECU was used (mainly) in 88-91 DOHC ZC motors in Europe and Japan.

PM7 code is very similar to PM6 code, and the code from one ECU can be run on the other without any problems.

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zc-experimental-ecu.jpg mod 63457 18 Dec 2003 - 02:28 The Admin? Scan of a experimental PM7 ECU.
PM7-E020_solder.jpg mod 2883765 18 Dec 2003 - 20:32 The Admin? Euro PM7-E020 Solder side scan from Mark Lamond
PM7-E020_component.jpg mod 1879703 18 Dec 2003 - 20:33 The Admin? Euro PM7-E020 Component side scan from Mark Lamond
PM7-0330_component.jpg mod 438452 18 Dec 2003 - 20:34 The Admin? PM7-0330 component side from Mark Lamond

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