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PP5 : 90-93 (??) UK Rover 216 Cabrio

Rover (UK) had an agreement with honda where honda engines (ZC, most notably) ended up in Rover cars. They continued to use OBD0 style plugs and distributors into the early 90s apparently. They seem to be quite similar to most ECUs of the era.

The PP5-E01 is a romless ecu which ran the early Rover 216 , 416 , GSi , Gti and possibly the 220 and 420, these early romless ECU's are mostly fitted to rovers without Lambda sensors. The early ecu's are difficult to chip and require some form of adapter like the romless PM6's and PM7's.
The alternatives are PP5-G01, PP4-R00 or PP4-G01 which I beleive to all be external ROM'd ecu's and common place in the UK. They are all ODB0 non Vtec ecu's, and should be swappable with PM7, PM6, etc. Some of these ECU's use an APS which may give CEL/Limp when not present.

PP5-E01 Rover 216 GTi (no lambda)
PP5-G01 Rover 216 GTi (with lambda), Honda Concerto 1.6 litre (Dohc) 93-96
PP4-G01 Rover 216 16V (with lambda), Honda Concerto 1.6 litre (Sohc) 92-96
PP4-R00 Rover 220 Coupe (with lambda), Honda Concerto 1.6 litre (Sohc) 93-96
PP5-R00 Honda Concerto 1.6 litre (Dohc) 93-96

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PP5-E01-zdyne_component.jpg mod 1260999 18 Dec 2003 - 21:18 The Admin? Mark Lamond's PP5 ECU top-side scan - Zdyne SECU
PP5-E01zdyne_solder.jpg mod 1763475 18 Dec 2003 - 21:18 The Admin? Mark Lamond's PP5 bottom scan - Zdyne SECU
IMG_1436.JPG mod 1793377 21 Oct 2004 - 09:14 CREX PP5-G01
PP5-G01.JPG mod 1793377 21 Oct 2004 - 11:47 CREX PP5-G01

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