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European Domestic Market - cars produced for Europe

Compare to: JDM, USDM

Note: EDM OBD1 Civic Integra ECUs generally lack the Injector Test Circuit, Knock Sensor, Electrical Load Detector and Pressure Atmosphere sensors (compared to USDM ECUs). They generally look a lot like USDM ECUs with fewer components on the board populated.

OBD2 Note: After 1996 in EDM Hondas has OBD2 family ECU but it has no OBDII diagnostic compliant. It has only 3 wire DLC and it communicates only PGM testers. EOBD is the next generation of onboard control system diagnostics used in Automotive applications ,all road going cars and light petrol derived trucks manufactured after Model Year 2000 must comply with this new standard.

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