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Turbo Edit is Jason Parker?'s OBD0 MPFI ROMEditor. It seems to be picking up where Ghetto Dyne left off. See or the TurboEdit forum for the most recent information.

If you're having a problem with it, it's probably your fault. ;)

Seriously, if you're having troubles, look here at some Common TE Problems.

Current screen shot:

Features include (and are actively being developed):

Independent Windowing - This interface feature allows easy manipulation of the different windows in the Turbo EDIT? environment. Tile, Cascade, and align windows for easy viewing. Resizing of the Turbo EDIT? environment will allow viewing of both maps for easy tuning.

Regional Scaling - With regional scaling, a group of cells can be edited easily and accurately. Simply click and drag to highlight your group of cells, either right-click or Click Tools to choose Scale Region, and enter your percent of increase or decrease!

Map Edit Functions - Sometimes it's the simple things that count. Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, and Undo. These features have been written into Turbo EDIT? to ease the process of tuning a map. Additional funcitonality has been added so that all of these functions are "right-click" accessible!

Advanced Mode Editing - Your ROM not supported natively by Turbo EDIT?? NO PROBLEM! With this mode, your ROM can be opened as if it were supported all along. Just enter the hexidecimal addresses of the information in the window, and you're done! Once the ROM loads, you have available to you all of the features of natively supported ROMs!! Map Import/Export - Find it hard to make base tunes? Use this feature to import tunes already created by other Turbo EDIT? users. You can even pick which map you want to want to import. Comments stored in the export file let you know characteristics of the maps before you import them!

Fuel Multiplier Edit - What's this? The key to proper fuel enrichment is the ability to for the ECU to calculate exactly the amount needed. To do this, the ECU uses a multiplier. Different engines use different multipliers so that scale of how much fuel is added can be extended, and the same math routine still used. Long story short? This will let you make maps for larger displacement motors, and DOHC motors!

Auto-Detection of Fuel Multipliers - Don't understand fuel multipliers? Nervous about editing them? Not to worry. With Auto Detection Turbo EDIT? will detect the proper fuel multiplier for you based on the values entered for that column! Then automatically adjust the value sto work with that multiplier!

Datalogging - The datalogger of Turbo EDIT? allows for the collection of realtime information from your vehicles ECU. With this information, a proper tune can be established. The tuning grid plots specific information in the cells your vehicle looks at during a run. Tuning maps specifically for you car has never been easier.

3D Fuel and Ignition Map View (functional but still in beta testing) - having trouble grasping the full extent of a tune? Use 3D Maps to view the intensity of a tune quickly and easily. Rotate, and Zoom to get a more accurate view of the maps.

Boost Retard - Ignition boost retard is a key factor in prolonging the life of your motor under boost conditions. Use this feature to accurately tune your ignition map with a 0 to 3 degree retard per psi of boost!

Real Time Programming - Change fuel, timing, rev limits, VTEC points anything on the fly while your car is running! Dynoing tuning has never been easier. No more rewriting EEPROMs and starting again. (Requires PGMFI RTP Board or Xtronics Pocket ROMulartor)

MAP Scalar editing - Ever tried to tune for a 2 or 3bar MAP sensor? ..Try tuning points on an individual throttle body setup, ya, next to impossible without adjusting the pressures at which the ECU reads the table columns. This feature allows you to do just that! Changes the pressure headings to get the maximum tunabilty of your exotic race vehicle.

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