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A Wire Harness is a term for the connetors and wires that are connected to the ECU. OBD0 , OBD1 and OBD2 all have different connectors and there are different wire setups for different ECUs.

Here are the pinouts of the OBD2 a, OBD2 b, and OBDI (AKA OBDIIa, OBDIIb, OBD1 .. I'm putting in all the keywords so you can find this :) connectors.

* RPT's ODB1 / OBD2A / OBD2B pinout image:

Note: A hi-res version of this image can be found here.


[edit: what happened to the factory manual OBD1 Integra ECU connector wiring diagram scans ? ? ? they used to be on P72 ]

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